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Lessinia is a mountain that seems to have softened to allow people to walk there, to go mountain biking, horseback, with snowshoes in winter, with cross-country skis. It is a mountain for everyone that knows how to welcome and that must be discovered.

Pedaling along the roadways, along the paths, you will meet the ancient stone districts, testimony of a popular architecture unique in the world that makes these mountains the most interesting as regards the stables and the malghe that here in Lessinia seem monuments. built by simple people who knew his mountain, knew the places to live.

Pedaling along the paths you will meet the capitals and the stone steles, you can get lost in a meadow and enter a city of rock, you can detour and visit the covoli where popular legends want to tell stories of fade and of orcs, of fairy tales from afar.

Lessinia is a mountain that needs slowness, that needs to get lost in a beech forest, to cross a pasture and to be amazed in front of this plateau which is like a large natural balcony overlooking the plain and opens up space to the Alps. .la a little more to the people of this element.


Artistic Director of the Lessinia Film Festival - Taken from the promo video Lessinia Tour 2011

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