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Lessinia Legend Sport - Amateur Sports Association and Aps, organizes for Sunday 26 September 2021 in Velo Veronese (VR) the fourth "Lessinia Legend Run" a semi-self-sufficient trail running competition with four races of different distances:


• LEGEND RUN 10 (10 km and 490 m. Of difference in altitude +/-) Non-competitive route

• LEGEND RUN 20 (20 km and 1028 m. Of difference in altitude +/-)

• LEGEND RUN 30 (30 km and 1970 m. Of difference in altitude +/-)

• LEGEND RUN 45 (45 km and 2960 m. Of difference in altitude +/-)



There will be a non-competitive course (LR 10) and three competitive races (LR 20/30/45) which consist of foot races mainly on paths and dirt roads in a natural mountain context with start and finish in Velo Veronese (VR ) on the paths of Lessinia.



The routes of the four races (map, description and GPS tracks) are documented and described on the website ; The organization reserves the right to make changes to the routes by duly reporting them on the website and on the social pages. Furthermore, changes may be made on the day of the race if the Organization, at its sole discretion, deems it necessary to guarantee the safety of the participants.

Each participant is required to inquire about the route of their race in order to be able to run it independently. The routes will in any case be traced with specific signs and specific communication will be given.


The detailed program of the races, the distribution of the bibs and what is necessary for the running of the race will be available on the website starting from 31 August 2021 and updated until the day of the event.



This race is open to all people, men and women, who are 18 years old at the time of registration, registered or not with the exception of Lessinia Legend Run 10 for which athletes over 16 are also admitted . For all participants it is necessary to have the medical certificate better specified in the following points.

For the registration of minors it is necessary to fill in the authorization form from a parent.

Registration for one of the four courses implies the unreserved acceptance of these regulations.

No registrations will be accepted from athletes who are serving suspensions for doping in any discipline.

The limit of subscribers is set at:

• 200 athletes for "LEGEND RUN 10"

• 200 athletes for "LEGEND RUN 20"

• 200 athletes for "LEGEND RUN 30"

• 200 athletes for "LEGEND RUN 45"

Registrations for all four courses will open on 12 June 2021 and will end on 19 September 2021, subject to all places as indicated above. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the maximum number of participants based on the evolution of the health situation and national directives relating to sporting events.


Registration for the race is a voluntary act that each competitor must perform responsibly.

The race takes place in a predominantly mountain natural environment in increasing order of difficulty as the mileage of the route increases with the possibility of difficult weather conditions (wind, cold, rain or snow) and not easy paths and partly cataloged as "EE" (Hikers Experts).

Each competitor therefore declares to be aware of the difficulties of the race course, of the characteristics and methods of carrying out the event, and is required to verify their level of preparation for themselves to guarantee their safety.

The Organization appeals to the responsibility of each individual participant in adopting a behavior that reduces the risk of damage to their own and others' persons. Good physical preparation, adequate equipment, experience of mountain excursions are required and it is recommended to have participated in other competitions of similar difficulty / distance.

For all participants of the 20, 30 and 40 km LESSINIA LEGEND routes it is compulsory to present a medical certificate valid for competitive activity (athletics) recognized by their country of residence and valid at the time of the dispute of the event. For the participants of the LEGEND RUN 10 course, a medical certificate of fitness for sporting activity is required . In case of non-delivery of the medical certificate or in case of presentation of an invalid certificate at the time of the race, the bib will not be delivered. The medical certificate for foreign athletes must be provided using the specific form provided by the organization. No other medical certificates or certificates on forms of other events will be accepted.



Based on the evolution of health conditions due to the Covid19 epidemic and the regulations in force at the time of the event, the Organization will adopt all the necessary procedures to carry out the event safely.

The modalities of access to the event, any changes to departures, departure / arrival logistics, any medical devices to have (masks) and behavior to be followed in relation to the health situation will be communicated in time.

The organization therefore reserves the right to request any type of certificate (eg certificate certifying vaccination for COVID-19, ..) and / or other certification required by the regulations in force at the time of the event. The organization also reserves the right to exclude from the event all athletes who have not produced all the required documentation or who do not comply with the rules provided for by current legislation and the indications given in order to protect and guarantee the health of all athletes. , both in the race and in the moments before and after the performance of the same.



For the principle of semi-self-sufficiency, a competitor must be autonomous between two refreshment points both in terms of food and in terms of equipment and safety and be able to adapt in the event of any problems encountered or foreseeable.

All members must always have with them for the duration of the competitions an adequate supply of food and a water reserve in addition to the obligatory material indicated in the following point. Along the routes there will be refreshment points and water supply points indicated on the maps published on the website and on the Roadbook.

It is forbidden to be accompanied along the route by people who are not regularly registered in the races.

Participants in the LEGEND RUN 40 are also required to have with them what is indicated in point 11.



All athletes of each course are required to wear suitable clothing also in consideration of the weather conditions.

The use of a personal glass is mandatory.

The participants of the LEGEND RUN 40, under penalty of disqualification or penalty, undertake to bring with them the following compulsory material during the entire duration of the races:

backpack or pouch that can contain the material listed below;

survival blanket / sheet;

• charged mobile phone;

personal glass ;

minimum 1 liter water reserve ;

food reserve ;



It is recommended that you have the following material with you:

- whistle;

-​ headlamp / battery;

- waterproof suitable to withstand bad weather conditions in the mountains;

- energy bars or solid foods

- elastic bandage for dressings


The use of poles is allowed.

The organization reserves the right to carry out random checks before the start, during the races and on arrival.



It is possible to register for the event starting from 12 June 2021 through the Sport Dolomiti snc portal by following the links indicated at with payment by credit card or bank transfer. Registration involves the payment of the registration fee increased by € 1.30 for secretarial expenses and commissions for each type of payment (credit card, bank transfer, etc.).

Soon it will be possible to register in some sporting shops partner of the event which will be subsequently indicated.



The registration fees are set as follows:


• LEGEND RUN 10 (10 km and 490 m. Of difference in altitude +/-) € 25.00

• LEGEND RUN 20 (20 km and 1028 m. Of difference in altitude +/-) € 30.00

• LEGEND RUN 30 (30 km and 1970 m. Of difference in altitude +/-) € 35.00

• LEGEND RUN 45 (45 km and 2960 m. Of difference in altitude +/-) € 40.00

The change of name of the registration is allowed by 04 September 2021 with the payment of € 5.00 for secretarial costs by writing to

The change of route is allowed until 19 September 2021 by communicating it to integrating the fee in case of passage to a longer route. There is no refund in the case of passage to a shorter route.


The registration fee includes:

• race bib

• race pack

• refreshments along the race course

• final pasta party (only if the health situation allows it)

• showers (only if the health situation allows it)

• parking lots



In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure or the impossibility of starting the event, there will be no refund of the registration fee except for the following:

in the event that the event is canceled for reasons related to the evolution of the health situation (Covid19 epidemic), the reimbursement of the registration fee (excluding secretarial costs and bank payment fees) will be provided to the extent of:

- 100% of the registration fee if canceled by 05/09/2021

- 80% of the registration fee if canceled from 06/09/2021

In both cases, the option will be given to allocate the registration fee for the following year or to obtain reimbursement in the manner that will be communicated by the Organizing Committee.


On the other hand, there is no refund of the registration fee in the event that an athlete is unable to participate in the race.


The bibs will be delivered on the days and during the times published in the program of the event (see ARTICLE 4) personally to each competitor upon presentation of an identity document with photo. For those who register by 12/09/21 the bib will be delivered by name. The bib, under penalty of disqualification, must always be worn in a clearly visible way throughout the duration of the event. The CHIP will be integrated into the bib and allows the automatic registration (in marked points on the course) or by manual check (in surprise points) of the athletes' passages on the course and the formulation of the final rankings. At the start, finish and at the intermediate checkpoints each competitor must ensure that he has been registered.



The organization will draw up a health / safety plan that will be available in the days before the event by following the links from the website Each athlete, by participating in the competitions, undertakes to respect the decisions taken by the rescuers during the management of any form of emergency that may arise during the event.

On the route there will be employees of the organization in constant contact with the base. Ambulances and medical and paramedical staff will be stationed at different points of the route, as well as at the start and finish, where a medical team will also be present.

For health emergencies during the race the reference number is 118.

Checkpoints will be set up along the route, where organization staff will monitor the passage of the athletes and will be able to carry out checks on the mandatory material. Anyone who refuses to submit to the mandatory equipment check will be immediately disqualified.



The “LEGEND RUN 45” race will start at 7.00 am and the maximum time to complete the course will be 11 hours.

There are also the following gates:

• Giazza (km 8.7): 1h 50 '/ 08.50h

• Scalorbi Refuge (km 23.0): 5h50 '/ 12.50h

• Revolto Refuge (km 31.0): 7h30 '/ 14.30


The “LEGEND RUN 30” race will start at 8.00 and the maximum time of the race is set at 9.00 hours.

There are the following time gates:

• Giazza (km 8.7): 2h 00 '/ 10.00

• Giazza (km 19.0): 6h00 '/ 14.00



The “LEGEND RUN 20” race will start at 9.00 and the maximum time of the race is set at 6.00 hours.

Giazza (km 8.7): 2h 00 '/ 11.00


The “LEGEND RUN 10” race will start at 10.00 and the maximum time of the race is set at 3.30 hours.

There are no intermediate time gates.

Athletes who do not start from the control points within the limits established by the time gates will be considered withdrawn and must deliver the bib to the organization staff. The competitor who wishes to continue without a bib out of the race will do so assuming all responsibility for the consequences that may arise.



The last competitor of each test will be followed by the organization staff assigned to the "broom service". This staff, in agreement with the Organization, has the full right to stop an athlete even if not at a time gate, arranging for him to return to the finish area.



The race takes place in ecosystems of significant natural value. Athletes, under penalty of disqualification, must behave respectfully to the natural environment, in particular avoiding littering, picking flowers or harassing the fauna. It is mandatory to follow the marked trails, avoiding cuts that could cause damage to the surrounding environment. It is recommended that each participant have a personal glass with them to reduce plastic consumption.



In case of withdrawal of an athlete along the route, the competitor is obliged, as soon as he has the possibility, to go to the nearest checkpoint, communicate his abandonment to the organization that will take care of his return to the finish area. In case of failure to communicate a withdrawal and the consequent start of the runner's searches, any resulting expenses will be charged to the runner himself.



The jury of the competition can provide for the disqualification of a competitor as well as in the cases provided for in art. 13 also in the following cases:


• bib worn in a non-compliant manner

• bib exchange

• failure to pass through a checkpoint

• use of a means of transport

• departure from a checkpoint after the time barrier

• doping or refusal to submit to a doping control

• failure to assist another competitor in case of difficulty

• abandonment of their own material or waste along the way

• failure to comply with the prohibition to be accompanied on the route

• insults, rudeness or threats against members of the organization or volunteers

• refusal to be examined by a doctor of the organization at any time during the race.

• failure to comply with the instructions of the organization and / or mountain rescue personnel

• path cuts


Only written complaints will be accepted and delivered to the Race Director within 30 minutes following the posting of the provisional results with a deposit of € 50 which will be returned if the complaint is accepted. The race direction will evaluate the appeal and will respond within the necessary time; the decision of the race direction is final and unappealable.



The organization reserves the right to modify the course at any time of the race to ensure the safety of the athletes in case of extraordinary weather events. In case of unfavorable weather conditions the race can be canceled or suspended during the course. In the event of changes in the route or in the starting time, the time gates and the maximum time of the races may also be subject to changes.



The organization subscribes to civil liability insurance for the entire period of the test. Participation takes place under the full responsibility of the competitors, who renounce any recourse against the organizers in case of damages and further consequences that derive or are in any case connected with participation in the races. To receive the bib, each athlete is required to sign a declaration of assumption of their own responsibility.

While there is no regulatory obligation for either the competitors or the organization to take out insurance coverage for the participants, the organization invites each participant to obtain insurance coverage on their own for any damage caused to their person and / or to third parties. during the event.



All athletes who reach the finish line within the maximum time will be classified. There are no cash prizes.

The following will be awarded for each race:

• the first 5 women

• the first 5 men


According to current legislation, the awards can take place in public with all the athletes, or individually in order to avoid gatherings.



Each competitor expressly renounces to make use of the rights to the image during the test as well as renounces any recourse against the organization and its authorized partners, for the use made of its image. Pursuant to law 196/03, personal data will be used only to form the list of participants, the ranking, the services declared on the website, the historical archive and for sending information material of the Lessinia Legend Run.

Beautiful event, lots of energy, wonderful atmosphere despite the bad weather ... see you next time, we hope!

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